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2011年12月10日River Garden Villa 2011Christmas Party
3rd December, 2011: Banquet of World Kitchen King Association, St. Regis Beijing
2nd December, 2011: Tree-lighting ceremony of the Loong Palace Hotel
2nd December, 2011: Tree-lighting ceremony of Fang Heng Holiday Inn
2nd December, 2011: Tree-lighting ceremony of the Ritz-Carlton (Beijing Financial Street)
2nd December, 2011: Evening reception of Sino-Swiss Communication in Sweden Embassy
8th November, 2011: Summit of Marriott International Group
27th October, 2011: first Secretarial Session of MOC between NDRC and Siemens
18th October, 2011: 10th anniversary of Grand Hyatt Hotel Beijing
14th October, 2011: party event of overseas Chinese students in Sweden held by Swedish Embassy
11th October, 2011: proseminar on market risks of commercial banks
29th September, 2011: oneth anniversary of the opening of Fang Heng Holiday Inn
23rd September, 2011: 1970s theme party of Beijing-Tianjin Marriot International group
4th September, 2011: commercial evening reception of Cheng Tong human resources
7th July, 2011: rewarding party of InterContinental Hotels Group
7th -10th July, 2011: annual meeting of Hefei Westin Wanda Group
21st June, 2011: thanking dinner of Kempinski Hotel
7th June, 2011: national day ceremony of Swedish Embassy
3rd June, 2011: 2011 China itinerant exhibition –Intercontinental Hotels Group
2nd June, 2011: event held in the ball room of Beijing Yunnan Hotel
2011 Mars China manager summit—win-win leads to wonder
Thanking dinner of Siemens CIMT2011
26th May, 2011: grandly opening ceremony of Beijing International hotel
20th – 22th May, 2011: ten anniversary ceremony of Beijing Grand Hyatt Hotel
21st April, 2011: banquet was held in Beijing Wanda Sofitel Hotel
30th March, 2011: luncheon of Sudance high-level investment summit
4th March, 2011: thanking dinner of Beijing Regent and Park Plaza Hotels
1st March, 2011: evening dinner in the 79th floor of China World Summit Wing
25th February, 2011: evening reception of the Spring Festival of ABN-AMRO BANK
28th January, 2011: celebration event of
28th January, 2011: Spring Festival event of Xinxing Jihua International Trading Co., Ltd.
27th January, 2011: evening reception of China Development Bank Securities Company Limited
25th January, 2011: celebration event of SINOGRAIN
21st January, 2011: Spring Festival evening reception of Swiss Bank Corp
21st January, 2011: anniversary celebration of Spring Festival—Aoji will always together with you
20th January, 2011: evening dinner of Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai.
19th January, 2011: strategic release conference of duowan.com
January 7,2011 10th anniversary celebration for XingXing Pipes Group Co., Ltd
January 6, 2011 the program planning and performing for 10th anniversary celebration of XingXing Pipes Group Co., Ltd
2010-2011 Spring Festival party for Brother Hui Hotpot
December 27,2010 2010Awards ceremony for international Yuan Da 2010 gala for international Yuan Da-Hopes Flying
December 24,,2010 A round-the-world voyage for Christmas on the Luxury Sunworld Cruise Ship
December 24,2010 “Magic Christmas” party in SOFITEL hotel Wanda Beijing
December 24,2010 Christmas party in Henan mansion
December 22,2010 The event for Beijing Branch Export-Import Bank of china
December 15,2010 The Christmas party for Thanking Customers in Grand Hyatt Beijing
December 4,2010 Food and Wine Tasting for CHAINE DES ROTISSEURS in Grand Hyatt Beijing
December4,2010 Christmas party for Yujing Garden
December3,2010 The ceremony for Christmas tree lighting in The Ritz-Carlton Beijing Financial Street
September19,2010 The Mid-Autumn party in Peace Hotel
September17,2010 2010 Mid-Autumn party for Chengtong Human Resources
September16,2010 The evening for thanking customers in Grand hotel Beijing
June5,2010 The party for Yujing Garden thanking owners
May30,2010,Beijing wine tasting for ASC
May25,2010 Accor Expo in SOFITEL Luxury hotel
2010 media reception of International Auto Show for Shanghai Auto
January 26, 2010 New Year Evening Banquet for Trade and Industry Bureau
January 12, 2010 New Year Evening Banquet for People’s Network
January 11, 2010 Shang Yuen Tong Product Description & Business Evening banquet for Matilda Group
December 31, 2009 New Year party for Courtyard by Marriott Beijing northeast
December24, 2009 Christmas Party -“Enjoying Shanghai Beach” for Beijing Moon River Holiday Inn
December 24,2009 Christmas Party- luxury Cruise for Beijing Radegast Hotel
December 24, 2009 Brilliant Christmas Party—“Jubilant Sunworld” for Beijing Sunworld Dynasty Hotel
December 24, 2009 Christmas Evening for Park Plaza Beijing
December 24, 2009 Christmas Evening for Novotel Xinqiao Beijing
December 24, 2009 Christmas Evening for Courtyard by Marriott Beijing Northeast
December 24, 2009 Christmas Evening for Grand Millennium Beijing
December 10, 2009 The Annual Party for Denmark Embassy
December 5, 2009 Gratitude Christmas Party for Yujing Garden
December 4, 2009 the ceremony for Christmas tree lighting for Novotel Xinqiao Beijing
November 12, 2009 the Annual Party for Fortune Center
October 30, 2009 The 13th Session of Beijing Shows
October 28, 2009 The Development Forum for Global Insurance Enterprises
October 26, 2009 The Opening of Qinhuangdao Guest Hotel
October 19, 2009 The Celebration for Shenzhen Enterprises Listed
October 15,2009 The Banquet in Beijing for French Delicacy Association
October 11, 2009 Abbott New Product Description in Beijing
September 27,2009 The Promoting Meeting for Huangtaihu Villa in Qianan County
September 23,2009 The Mid-Autumn dinner for thanking customer for Chengtong Human Resource
September 19,2009 Mid-Autumn Evening for Shenyang Electric Power Group
September 9, 2009 The Reception for French Embassy in China
September 5, 2009 The Gratitude Party for Beijing Yujing Garden Owners
September 4, 2009 The Banquet for Sino-Canada Business Council
September 3, 2009 the International Annual Party for Rare Earth &Metals Association
August 15, 2009 Holhot Large Theatrical Performance with Summer Passion—“Walking into the Inner Mongolia”
August 8, 2009 The Opening Ceremony of Lugang Buildings in Tangshan City, Hebei Province
July 29, 2009 The Anniversary Opening for Beijing Radegast Hotel
July 19, 2009 The Celebration Banquet for Park Hyatt Beijing
June 19, 2009 The Gratitude Party for Guests in the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel
June 26, 2009 The Opening Ceremony of Huangtaihu Villa—“Qianan Celebrty Night ”
May 15, 2009 The Party for Thanking Customers in Beijing the world Dynasty Hotel
May 13, 2009 The Evening for Beijing University
April 24, 2009 the Spring Party of Thanking Client for Sunworld International Hotel Management Group
April 19, 2009 The Evening for Chinese Grain Group
March 2009 The Party --“Spicy Cyclone” for Master Kang Company
March 2009 the 87th Anniversary Evening for CPC (communist party of china) Founded in Universities
December31, 2008 the Social Activity in Yangzhou Hotel for Qingdao Government
December 24, 2008 Banquet in Raffle Beijing -“The Theme Party of Shanghai Beach Land ”
December 24, 2008 Christmas Party with Passion for Beijing Radegast Hotel
December 2008 The Annual party in the Great Wall of Juyonggua Beijing for Shanghai Allianz Company
September16, 2008 Mid-Autumn Gratitude Evening for Beijing State-owned Company
August 15, 2008 the Dinner Party for Adidas
August 10, 2008 the Evening Feast for Beijing Olympic Organization Committee
2008 the Celebration for Beijing Shipping Grade Association
July 2008 The Evening for University Volunteers in the Olympic Village
July 2008 The Theme Party of Red Flag Song for National Defense Education in Universities
2008 The Chinese New Year Celebration for Changping Branch
2008 The Symphonic Concerts in the Great Hall for Huamao
2008 The Evening for Peace Life Insurance Company
2008 The art show for Sino-Russian university students
April 2008 The Global Annual Party in Beijing for Germany Allianz Group
2008 The Coming Spring Carnival -“Awards Ceremony of H3C Research & Development”
2008 The 110th Anniversary of Beijing University
December 31,2007 The Gratitude Reception for Colorful Yunnan
December 24,2007 Christmas Party for Beijing Chang Fu Gong hotel
December 24,2007 Christmas Party for Beijing International Hotel
December 24,2007 Christmas Party for Regent Beijing
December 22, 2007 the Opening Ceremony of the Furniture Store in No.1Tanxiandao Chongqing
December 20,2007 The Opening Ceremony for Chongqing Rui an Real Estate
October 13, 2007 The Opening of the 12th Film Festival
December 31,2007 New Year Evening for Xiang jiang Group
October 1, 2007 The Beach Music Festival in Zhu hai
December 24, 2006 Christmas Party for Beijing Chang Fu Gong Hotel
October 1-5, 2006 The Beach Music Festival in Zhu hai
December 2005 The Annual Meeting for Sri Lanka Airport & Beijing Capital International Airport
December 2005 The Reception for Shanghai Westin
September 2005 The Closing Ceremony of Golf Elites for Johnnie Walker Classic
August 2005 The Electronics Product Launch for Mei di
July 2005 the Forum on the Best Research &Practice for Beijing International Airport Association (Pacific District )
June 2005 The Banquet for Japan Nissin Co., Ltd
May 2005 The Gratitude Dinner for Spain Fagor Automation
March 2005 The Conference of New Chemical LG Products
March 2005 the Celebration of Outstanding Dealer for Amway (China) in Beijing
December 31, 2004 The New Year Evening for Beijing Grand Hotel
December 24, 2004 Christmas Party for Beijing Chang Fu Gong Hotel
December 24, 2004 Christmas Party for Beijing Grand Hotel
June 19, 2004 The International Forum on Private Economy &China Development
April 19, 2004 The Autumn Promotion Activity for Pepsi Pop Shoes
July 7, 2001 the New Product Introductions for Pepsi Pop Shoes in Autumn & Winter

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